What Lure rod and reel ?

Ive been asked a Question on the youtube by fellow Angler Ahmad Alghali


Hi there saltwater angler .. I know that you were using the shimano hyperloop when you caught the 12 lb huge bass .. I basically want a similar spinning setup .. and I have to choose between those reels .. can you help me choose please? which would you recommend .. shimano hyperloop , shimano sienna or daiwa crossfire? and which size reel is ideal? Im using 10 lb braid

thats for the reel .. now for the rod im totally and utterly lose and need a lot of help .. I want a rod to spin for mackerel or bass or whatever from the beach .. I normally fish from brighton beach not the marina .. so what spinning rod would you recommend ..I will be be using dexter wedges spoons and hard plastic swim baits ... do i use a long rod? what action and all.. and if you can link me a rod thats suitable and relatively cheap for a beginner in spinning like me .. I caught a 9.7 lb sea bass as my first fish but that was on bait and not lure


Firstly that is one heck of a fish as your first, Some people will go a lifetime and not catch one of that size. Persoanlly i always favour fixed spools arounfd the £50 mark as i also use them on the kayak so i know they will only  last a few seasons. You can ofcourse spend a lot more and get fully sealed but that will be a huge price jump.

The Rod and reel i actually caught this 12lb Bass on was;

The  Exage reel (now discontinued but you might get one here-  https://amzn.to/2YfpUmt

Rod is a 7- 21 oz ( thats the ideal casting weights ) they can be got here but have been changed slightly and i love these rods, this is the slightly uprated one and it looks the business. If your budget will stretch then go with this it will cast those dexter wedges and all the hard and soft plastics.

The modern lure Angler is very well served at this price point and there are two more rods for less that id recommend that i have used and landed Bass on.

Another one to go for at £50 quid is the savage gear Bushwacker. This will also push out your dexters over that rough ground near the marina too. Its light enough to be able to travel hopping across the rocks and ive had no problems with this lure rod over the past coupoe of years. You can get this hereClick here

You also mention length, Personally i prefer a shorter rod of 7 or 8 feet . The advantage of longer rods is the ability to get you out of snags and play the Bass around obstrutions and snags so consider this. But ive used longer rods for years and find that actually a shorteer 7 or 8 ensures i fish for longer and are more mobile. I also tend to vary my casts with little flicks and play around with retieves more due the rods shortewr length and lighter weight. They are more fun.

Another rod that might suit you is this one

This is the Shimano Alivi DX and you should be able to get on posted for under £50. Again this would suit your requirements. Its a little bit more traditional than some of the more modern lure rods and is based on a spinning rod design but you will be able to fish your lures well with this and it could handle bigger fish to.

So in Summary Ahmad for the rods you shouldnt need to spend more than £100 but will get something that would suit you for £50.

As for the reels i always look for a front drag that is easy to turn with one hand. Shimao reels are good for this and im not keen on the Daiwa at a simular price point. My current reel for lures is this one which i recommend-

I prefer 2500 size reels although some people find these small i disagree because although small they suit the balance of the rod and are easy to manage. So my advice would be to go small with a 2500 one of these.

There are many alternatives with the ninja you mention another good choice with the stadic and the sahara other good choices depending on your budget.

Hope that helps and i might see you out on the rocks sometime. The only thing id mention is use braid with a good flurocarbon leader utilising the f.g knot too. Hope that helps and tight lines