Some thoughts on early season Bass Fishing

I have have a particular lure that ill keep coming back to , for me its the megabass zonk


As you can see from the image it could easily represent an injured mackerel. and that’s just what we want when the Bass are chasing them up on the reefs inshore. The zonk its self performs really well with a a chunky rattle and is excellent to cast. You do need to add some life in to the cast but the lure sinks slowly  and is easily controlled. I rarely loose these ones…..   well that’s just put the mockers on it for the next trip out.

So the session in todays video shows me using both the Lures and live prawn and i spend a lot of energy deciding which of these two methods to use. Flitting between the two is not usually a good idea. I think i need stick to one method.The same goes for two rods and for Bass fishing its not worth it. For example you can easily not give your full attention to both rods. I’ve learnt to go with one method on a single rod and concentrate because that tentative take could be the best fish of the day.

There are of course advantages and disadvantages to both. Prawns are a great early season when the water clears up and the bass haven’t quite been turned on to expending energy chasing the bait fish.

Take your pick Live bait or Plastics,  but for one i wont be without my megabass zonk.