Rockfall while fishing

 While out Sea fishing this Happened

Not much would stop me Sea fishing but this did ! I went down to a place called Rock-o-nore, Hastings in East Sussex and i was walking to a new mark to fish for Plaice.

Here i was filming for youtube this week i was attempting to film Plaice fishing form the Shore. To be honest, i was aware of previous rockfalls in the area in years gone past. That’s why my  fishing trip was a little bit stupid !

However with my fishing brain firmly attatched i started to enjoy a few hours Angling after a short walk to the Fishing Mark.

The rocks here harbour Dinosaur fossils and as such are frequented in the summer by fossil hunters. I wonder if they know the risks involved

Close! There were boulders as big as a car

The path i took past the cliffs would of meant i walked right under the main part of the collapse.

On looking back on the video before any of this had happened i actually remarked that a ravens nest in said cliff was an Omen. So there i was comparing two fishing rods that i had cast out in to the sea when there was a rumble.

I suddenly thought… What was that Noise ?

There was a pause where the gut wrenching sound regestered and i subconously headed for the sea.I must of regestered the location  of the fall as my second thought was to reach for the go pro and film it for you to see !

I cant really play it down some of that debris was as big as a car and rocks were landing 100 meters along the flat ground to the sea.

So if you do fish this area as i did for one time only

Take a look at this map-

Please take care or better still dont go there, the noise alone should scare us all away.

The county Park is an interesting attraction with rare insect and bird species and is well known for its Dinosaur finds. For me im not going back! I also  think im right in saying it also has some significant prehistoric mammal fossils too.

Hastings county Park Trip Advisors Here

County Park Nature reserve             Here

Heres the video i recorded of  Rockfall happening in real time;