We have most of the Rigs you can tie to get your started anywhere on U.Ks coastline. All are provided in Video format here and over at the youtube channel. To watch them all head over to this youtube playlist Here


The Three hook flapper- The choice of Match Anglers up and down the country. Choose this to give you a good chance of catching most fish over clean ground.

You can Watch it here over at our Youtube channel.




How about this super Easy Bass rig . This is the one i use for close in fishing when distance is not paramount. Give it a go it very easy tie and is designed not to spook the fish.

You can Watch it here over at out Youtube channel.



As for knots we tested this MAGIC leader knot to see how it would hold up to some snappy casting with the beach rod and multiplier. It did o.k and you can watch the results here




This is a really popular type of rig for bigger species of fish and for fishing over rough ground. Ive used it to good effect for a number of different species but its my go to rig for Huss and dogfish over rough ground

You can learn how to tie the Pulley rig here over on Youtube