Plaice Fishing from a Kayak

Plaice fishing from a kayak

Fishing for these tough fighting flatfish is super fun drifting from the YAK. Well ive had a few hours out in the Ocean Prowler last week during a break in the weather.As youl see from the video i managed a couple of nice fish and despite being so close to having spawned they were in tiptop condition. You can check out the video here;

Bait was lugworm tied to 1/0 and size 1 hooks. I like a bigger hook size for Placice as un-hooking smaller hooks is tricky especially out in the Kayak.I like the wishbone rig that we tied in a previous youtube video

It was ideal conditions too with a calm sea and remarkable clear water.In fact the water was so clear i think it was about 20ft viz at times. I tend to fish the ebb tide for a couple of reasons.

  1. The flow of water alows for a nice easy drift where i bump the bait slowly off the bottom
  2. The commercial nets are out right across the beach so i dont want to compete with them

On the nets, They may well be a good sign that fish are here but fishing near them i have never landed anything, its as if they know !

A couple of years ago i filmed a plaice take a bait underwater and i can tell you (as ive lost the footage) they are like a preditory Bass that could keep up with the movement underwater.

Another good way to fish for plaice is with little dropshot baits tippd with ragrorm or lug. Lets make the most of these hard figting species.

Once again it was hard to balance filming with fishing...

You need three hands rod, reel and the other one to adjust the camera for the best shot. Im slowly sorting this out though and found that simply turning the camera in front of me was the best way to catch the action either side of the boat.

I hope you enjoy the video and remember you can subscribe to our youtube channel here.