Braid or Mono Mainline for Beach fishing ?

Braid or Mono line for Beach Fishing ?

What are the  the Advantages of both  Braid or Mono line for beach fishing ?

I have recently switched to using Braid mainline on my Beach fixed spool reel and have found the following advantages and Disadvantages;


  • Direct line to the Fish and Cast - no Stretch
  • No need for a Leader line on thicker diameters
  • Better Bight Indication
  • Tougher , Stronger and more resist to Abraision
  • Cuts through tide better
  • More fun due to lack of stretch


  • Stretch can be a safety cusion
  • Possibly better at getting out of snags due to its stretch
  • You cant use braid on beach multipliers
  • Cheaper
  • Larger Variety of colours

There is an agument that fish can see the braid in the water and therefor become spooked. This would ofcourse be hard to test but it should still be a consideration.I imagine most people use monofilament simply because of cost, Taking a look at recent tackle shop prices monfilament can be a quater of the price of the equivelent breaking strain of braid.


Stretch is an important factor when deciding between Braisd and Mono  for Beach fishing.

As you can see from above a stretchy line might help set the hook better and stop you loosing a big fish.

Also when casting, the mono is more forgiving to the inexperienced angler. A cast with Braid for example can be more snappy. However i dont really find that, even when going straight from braid to a lead without a leader line.


Consider the prices here for example as you can see the braid comes up a lot more expensive, but for me, its worth it.Take a look at the two examples below for a good idea of what you can expect.








In terms of cost, this Braid above is more expensive but in my opinion worth the extra

This Mono above will do the job and costs less than braid