Beach fishing for Thornbacks

Beach fishing for Thornback Ray has been on my mind Recently. I remember them being caught in big numbers last year from beaches to the East of Dungeness and vowed to make them my target species for 2019.

So on the Vernal equinox and a big Spring tide i prepared at home ready for the short journey East. Preperations were quite simple.

Rigs and Bait

  • Blueys (A mackerel like fish frozen and wrapped on to the hooks using bait elastic before i got to the beach
  • Frozen Mackerel
  • 2/0 HooksIncluding circle hooks
  • Up and over rigs (although i didnt mut maybe Should of used these)
  • Pulley rigs using the propper pulley rigs brand.

Because i was fishing in the dark and filming i only took my one rod a continental outfit.If you want further details of the set up you can check out here;

My Video Rod review  of the      Vertix Azores 14ft Continental rod  

My Video reel review Long term  Penn 8000 Surfblaster 2

My Video reel unboxing review   Pen 8000 Surfblaster 2

The venue was a flat sandy beach and my excitement increased as i heard shouting on the beach as someone was landing a big fish already. There were three other Anglers fishing the tide down to low just as it was getting dark.I always feel a bit agitated when i turn up to fish and know that i need to get a bait in to the water quickly.This feeling was compounded by having to slow myself down a little to film as well. Thats because i like to get the aproach to the venue and include the set up and bait presentation.

On the subject of bait presentation i have to improve here because my baits were a bit too big as you will see on the film.However i did use some smaller ones.

So i got things set up using this rig.I use this rig because it brings the weight in first while retrieving the fish.This in turn leaves a long flowing trace.To be honest an up and over rig would of worked here.

However at this particular venue there are a lot of banks and troughs this is relevant to the fishing for the following reasons;

  • You can get cut off by the tide
  • I found that you could be retrieving fish over sand at points
  • I also needed to wade out to these sand banks
  • On a positive they can create deeper fish holding areas.

As you can see on the video my first and only fish came as the tide really started to push. I think i was casting in to 2 feet of water at best.

So i hope you will watch the video and as always i appreciate your comments.

I think this was a female Ray because i didnt notice any claspers.