Beach fishing for Sole

Early autumn fishing can be excellent on the coastline of Britain.
Beach fishing with continental set up. No leader

Dover sole were the quarry on todays youtube video. However there were a couple of suprises. Although Dover sole are best targeted at night It was the whiting that hit the beach in plague proportions tonight and the only sole i caught was during daylight. I think that this is another example of those Sea fishing rules not quite ringing true.

An unwelcome suprise was the weaver fish that strangely gave my continental rod a bit of a rattle ! Yes thats true despite the fish being only a 3 inches long it gave a definitive knock on the rod top. It was just another example of how well these continental rods recognise bights.

Despite a couple of nice Plaice and the Sole it was the whiting that became the story. When there are so many of them like this then catching anything else is very difficult. I dare say there were flatfish here too but those whiting are so fast anfd in such big numbers that it was hard to fish through them to see what else was there.