Beach fishing for dab


Beach fishing for dab is a great option during febuary as many other species havnt arived on the U.K coastline.

So i headed down to hastings, which happens to be a three minute drive in search of this little flatfish.

Conditions had recently changed from a cold minus two degrees to a positively balmy eight degrees !

So i went down with the expectation of at least landing a couple of dabs.I wasnt disapointed.Watch the full video here



Setting up

To set up when sea fishing for dab is much the same as for any other beach fishing. Depending on where the tide is ill make sure i have to move my tripod as little as possible.Thats because tidal movement can soon be at your feet on an incoming tide.

Three hook flapper for dabs

Three hook flappers were used on both rods.As i was filming for youtube i find it difficult to concentrate on both fishing and filming.However i tend to set both cameras up and then just set up for fishing.After that i can worry about getting the good light and angles !

So with a mist coming in i set up two rods both with three hook flappers.At the moment im comparing a Continental set up with


Alongside my traditional Heavy Beach set up That has a SL20sh from Daiwa with a nice 90s HPB rod.If you want to check out the Continental set up which really is made for this sort of fishing you can buy the reel here.Also if your after suitable braid for this sort of dab fishing consider using this

So on with the fishing...

I cast both rods at distance about 40 meters apart.The idea being to create a bait trail in the water to attract the dab.I love the first casts.Your more switched on and you never know quite what to expect. However today i was expecting dabs and it wasnt long untill i got the first tentitive bight.

There was a good swell as you can see in the video and the surf was hitting a little edge creating a tough little surf brak in front of me.

The first fish was a dab on the continental rod. It just about regestered a bight.The reason i use the conti rod is so i can feel these smaller fish like the dab.

And from then on it was pretty much a fish every cast, However only one fish ever took one of the three hooks.This might be more to me trying to get every bight in though. It is the sort of fishing where you can often land three fish on the same trace, just not for me today.

I hope i do a good job in the video of showing how good these fish are.

Minimum take size is 25cm.Bear in mind though that some fish are very fat, Some were almost translucent as you can just about tell in the photos.

There are better fish in the sea to catch, Like this 12lb Bass caught on video here but for the time of year id settle for a few flatfish.

Misty day fishing in Hastings for dab


One of 6 dab caught today in Febuary 2019