6 of the Best Bass Lures

Here are 6 of the best Bass lures some top Bass Anglers recommenr

Lure fishing is expensive, Really expensive and it can also be very addictive. I wanted to produce a short video on the best 6 Lures that i think should be in every Bass Anglers lure box.

These are not just my choice but ive also poled a number of top Bass Anglers from around the country for their take on what takes the most Bass.

Lure fishing for Bass is a fantastic way to catch fish. Just dont go too mad on the Lures ! Ill often find myself walking down to the beach before work with only an hour or so to cast out some lures. Well i know ill be good with these lures and can travel ultra light as well.

The zonk from Megabass enabled me to catch this beautifull 12lb bass that i managed to also catch on film here.

Its actually quite hard to get hard of some of these lures particually the Shimano ones and you may find ebay could be your best bet. I actually had to get them from Japan in the end. The following are from my affiliate site with lure fishing for Bass. They wont cost you any more and ill recieve a small amount for the referel. If you could use the links i would be ever so grateful.



Here are the 6 or 7 Lures for Bass I won’t be going without on every lure trip this Year. Everyone has their favourites but I think these should be a great starting point to anyone new to lure Angling for Bass.

Dolive White worm type lure- HERE

Xorus Patchinko II (140mm, 27g) HERE

Shimano Candy -  HERE

MegaBass X140SW (140mm, 19.5g)  HERE

IMA Komomo SF-125 (125mm, 16g) HERE

Link to Lure from Breakaway here-    HERE

Those lure clips above are the only ones you need, the best !